Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Short Service Leave

Hey-o, spaghetti-o. I would just like to tell you that I will be absent from this blog for 12 days, as we are going....to Fiji! Yesss! I apologize for any inconvenience, and in that time, you can check out Anna's and mine Australian book-reviewing blog Cherry Banana Split. See ya! I'll take loads of pics!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Hello my little blogger peeps. As usual, I haven't been posting much. Sorry. Nothing much has been happening. Except I went to the Show. But I won't tell you much about that coz it's kinda boring. I'll just show you a pic (that I found on the internet) of a ride that I went on. Except it had two seats and was black. I went with S. What happens is they strap you in, and then the ball spins around and around in all different directions! Yes, I did get sick. No, I didn't throw up. :-)

Oh yeah, just remembered. Anna and i just put Site Meter up at our Aussie book-reviewing blog Cherry Banana Split, but we need a lot more people to just visit, or maybe even comment or follow, so we can start receiving books. Maybe then we might even have competitions....! Puh-leeeeeease check it out here. Please?
Cool. So....ummmm.....yeah. This isn't much of a post, is it? Hmmm, no. Well, soon I'll try to post something interesting.
Oh, here's something funny. Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato (bbf's since they were seven or something) made a video here. It's HILARIOUS! lol
BUT! Miley Cyrus (who i'm not crazy about) and her friend Mandy made a mocking video! Omg, watch it here.
Well, I'm gonna leave you with that. Have a good day!