Sunday, August 30, 2009

Well Hello....and Sorry For Being a Lazy Blogger!

As I am writing this, I am nibbling on a toffee apple and listening to 'Fearless' by Taylor Swift. Jealous? :)
I slept until 10:30 today. What? It IS a Sunday! Hahaha, that isn't really the reason though.

Y'see, yesterday we played our last netball game of the season. *Sob*. It actually went pretty well. OK, it went REALLY well! In fact, it went so well that we bet the other team by 16 goals!!! Honest! I can't believe it really. The other team must've been having a pretty bad day!!! So anyway, the footy season finished that day too, and every year on that day, we have a presentation night. It's a night when everyone dresses up, and all the awards and stuff are given out in the town hall. Oh, and we have dinner as well. AND entertainment! This year the theme was fashion parades, and it was SOOOOO funny! Each grade (Under 13 netball, under 16 netball, under 16 football, etc.) had to do their own parade down the stage. There was swimwear, sportswear, and ours wear!

I wore a little navy-blue dress with flowers and teddy bears on it over tights and a t-shirt. I put my hair in two long plaits and wore crocs (the shoes, not the reptiles!) on my feet. My friend was dressed up as a fairieand we had a fight over a teddy. She won, so I threw a tantrum, which the crowd loved. Some of my other friends dressed up as baby twins, bunny rabbits, barbie dolls, and K wore a nappy! Our coach dressed up as Tiger! It was SO MUCH FUN!!! But it finished at like, 1 am!

Right now I'm reading My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. The movie just came out! I don't think I really wanna watch the movie though. The book's sad enough. There might be a review up at Cherry Banana Split soon.

Well, I gotta go. Cherry blossom trees to water, reading to do. TTYL!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Wonderful Day and Positive Thnking

I have just been reading over my blog posts and I've realised that I don't sound really positive. That is why I have decided to try to make my posts more positive and care-free. That was actually the kind of blog I was aiming to write in the first place!

Last Friday I went to the mobile library (a library on wheels that visits small towns like ours every two weeks). Since I couldn't find any good books to read, I hoped on the computer and searched for 'Lisa Clark'. Immediately all her lovely books came up on the page, indicating that the library has them! I was oh so excited, especially because her fiction books were there too, and I didn't even know they were out in Australia yet! I asked for 'Think Pink' and the nice librarian told me that she'll order it for me from another mobile library. I am really excited now.

Yesterday was such a lovely, warm day. Quite strange because it's winter now. But the sun was shining and the gentle breeze made everything so nice. I went for a walk with my brother and took my camera. he clouds looked like soft, fairy floss cushions in the sky. The little yellow flowers look a bit like mini suns.

You may have noticed that I've put one of those music-playing-teddy bear thingys on my sidebar. So now you can listen to sweet music when you read my posts. Lots of Taylor Swift, she's my favourite!

Enjoy your day.

Cherry Blossom Wishes,

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random Facts

Here are some very random (and weird and unusual) facts I found. Enjoy!

1. Starfish don't have brains.

2. The longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds.

3. The short-term memory capacity for most people is between five and nine items or digits. This is one reason why telephone numbers were kept to seven digits for so long.

4. An ostrich's eye is bigger than it's brain!

5. The pupil of an eye expands as much as 45% when a person looks at something pleasing.

6. Cats have better memories than dogs.

7. (Don't read this if you get grossed out really easily. Or before bed.) In the course of an average lifetime you will, while sleeping, eat 70 assorted insects and 10 spiders. Ewww, right?

8. A polar bear's skin is black.

9. The strongest muscle in the body is the tounge.

10. It is physically impossible for pigs to look up to the sky.

So.....did you like them? Should I have more? Comment and tell me what you think!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My New Phobia

It's official as of today. I'm scared of magpies.

I was just standing on the oval at school when one just swooped down on me missing my head by centemetres. I swear it's eyes were red. Spooky. Also today I was walking home, and I decided to cut through the outdoor tennis courts. The nets are all packet away at winter, so it looked just like a massive field wih random poles. Then I saw him. The magpie was pretty big, and it was just staring at me. It was! I remembered that someone once told me that if a magpie starts to swoop, the best thing to do is grab a stick and wave it over your head. Or f you don't have a stick, just use your arms. Well, I couldn't see a stick anywhere so I started waving my arms over my head like a fool. I hope no one saw me.

So yeah. Does anyone else have any phobias? Any strange or funny ones? I know that Sasha from The Sweet Bonjour has a phobia of buttons (sorry to rub it in, Sasha!)!
Just comment and let me know!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Just One Big Catching-Up Post

Hi Y'all! Sorry, my friend and her sister have been saying that a lot lately, so it got stuck in my head. Speaking of apologies, I am SO sorry I haven't blogged in ages! Life has been extra busy lately. So. What's been happening? Well, I got two fabulous awards:

One from Jenny, and one from Beanie. Thanks A LOT you guys!!!! I might make my own award someday soon....
ALSO, thanks to everyone who told me about their bad days! And I'm sorry that I've been pretty moody lately. My posts haven't been that good.

AND, on Wednesday morning I wake up to find that I've won Cathy Cassidy's writing comp! Eeeeeeeek! You can check out my entry here. It's the first one.

AND, I am entering Meggin's first giveaway comp! Here's the info:

This lovely paperback copy of Marlene Perez's brand new August 2009 book, The Comeback!To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post (since I moderate them, I'll definitely have all the entries, so don't worry) with your name, country and email address.**********Some stuff about the contest:One lucky person will win the copy of this brand new book. It's international (so many of you are from the UK and all, it's only fair :D)Last chance to enter is August 20, when the winner will be chosen.**********Here's how to get entries:1 entry- become/ be a follower.2 entries- Link to this post on your blog- leave the link in the comment so I know :)3- Blog about the giveaway.******************************************************Good luck!P.S. If you don't want to leave your email on a public comment, email me at: . You can also email me with questions, comments, or just to say hi, since I love email :D

I love email too!

Last but not least, I found this thing on Sara's blog. It's where you get a fake name, random word and random picture, then group it all together and Voila! You have yourself a book!To check out ALL the stuff you need to do, click here. So, here's my book:

Personally, I don't think a girl playing the guitar has anything to do with the word 'Close'. But oh well.
I might write a little story about it too. You never know.......