Thursday, July 8, 2010

Second Award!!

Thank you again to Annalee McGarry!

Post the weirdest picture you have ever seen/taken:

Well, I can't really post it because there are creepy stalkers out there, but there's this one pic my mum took of me trying to do a cartwheel ...and miserably failing. And also one time my friends decorated S's face in blue eyeshadow like an Avatar, I took a pic of that.

Have you ever used Photoshop?

No, but I want to!!!

Have you ever wanted to kill your camera because you couldn't get the perfect picture?

Not really, I got mad but I never wanted to KILL it....

Have you ever taken a picture from the top of a very steep hill or a cliff?

YES. In Tasmania. Gorgeous pic, if I do say so myself.

I pass it to:

1. Amber-ooo

2. Meggin-ooo

(They don't really have ooo at the end of their name, i just added that coz it sounds cool!)

I'm really sorry, I'd tag more but I really gotta run...TTYL!


Thank you so much to Annalee McGarry for these!

17 of My Favourite Random Things:
1. That feel-good vibe you get after you do a heap of exercise or eat something healthy.
2. When my kitten naps on my lap instead of biting me.
3. Getting random 'just-because-you're-my-friend' parcels in the mail.
4. Getting snail mail.
6. Painting my toe nails. I love making up funky designs!
7. Wooden guitars.
8. Baking with my friends.
9. Making videos.
10. Cutting out pictures from magazines.
11. Re-decorating my friends' rooms.
12. Watching romance Chinese. (Makes the scenes much less awkward if watching with guy friends!)
13. Squeezing whipped cream out of the can into my mouth.
14. Throwing darts at water balloons.
15. Cracking inside jokes.
16. Mashing up home videos.
17. Reading weird facts.
Four people I nominate:
My awesome book-reviewing partner, Anna.
Funky fashionista Lena.
My most loyal commenters, Mizz Ali and BLINGALICIOUS.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Is The First Harry Potter Movie Called Philosopher's Stone or Sauceror's Stone?

Wow, I just had the most awesomest day ever. My friend S and I went to watch Eclipse, which was HILARIOIUS.
"Doesn't he own a shirt?" -Edward
"Dad, Edward is old-school" -Bella
"Is like, code or something?" -Charlie
"Well, I am hotter than you"-Jacob

and our favourite....
"She broke her hand...punching my face" -Jacob

Even during the bits that weren't meant to be funny, she and I were trying SO hard not to laugh. In the end we just freely cracked up.

Then we went to Kmart and pretended to be really posh, including faking a phone call from 'Josh'. :-)

Last was the pool, where we went up to a totally random guy and said:

S: "Hey, OMG I remember you!"
Me: "Oh, hey there old pal"
*Dude's face brights up then looks quizzical*
*I stare at him*
Me:"Hey wait, you're not Connor"
*turns to S*
"He's not Connor, lets go"

It was the most awesome day these school holidays, and it's awesome that I got I got mysef to sit down and blog about it. Well, I better go. Thanks for reading!!!