Monday, April 27, 2009

Just Totally Random Stuff

G'day all! This is just a totally random post in which I am going to tell you about stuff that I did.
OK, yesterday we went to Melbourne and I got myself some earrings! I got cherry studs(!), strawberry studs, little red balls, hangy cherry earrings, hangy strawberry earrings, and pacman earings that look kinda like the ones on the left. I also got myself a new set of hair ties, and a pair of socks (yay). And mum bought me Sundea Girl, so c'mon, congratulate me, because now I have officially read EVERY single book by Cathy Cassidy! Woop-woop! I think I will have an extra couple of ANZAC biscuits to celebrate! Even though ANZAC day is over, but still. ANZAC biscuits are really very nice. You should try some.
Also in school today our teacher put up a picture on the Smart Board (y'know, them interactive whiteboards. They're like a massive touch-screen) and told us to write a short story about the picture. Also he put on a Good Charlotte song and told us to write whatever comes into our heads when we hear this song. I like this kind of writing. What I don't like is when the teachers say, " I'll give you ten minutes to write a masterpiece with the last sentence being 'And then we all drove back home with the lobster sitting in the front seat'. Go." I mean, first of all, what kind of ending is that? And how are we supposed to write a masterpiece in ten minutes? I just don't get it.
Ooooh, and I also have a really good idea. You know, when you have a really embarrassing moment, it feels really good when you hear someone else's embarrassing story? Well I thought, why not have something like that on my blog?! If you have an embarrassing story, send it to me on my email, And mention whether you want me to include your name or not. I'll post the best ones on my blog!!!
Oh, and also I would like to thank all those who comment on my blog. It's an amazing feeling when you go to your blog and see that someone has read your post and left a positive message about it. It's really exciting!!

How I Actually Started This Blog

OK, I'm gonna go all the way back and tell you why I decided to start this blog. Have fun reading!!!

It all started when we moved to Melbourne. we were in the library, borrowing books and I noticed that this girl was always getting books from the same series. The series was called 'Pony Pals'. I decided to try it out (since I couldn't find any other good books), and soon was reading it non-stop. But right under the shelf where all the Pony Pals books were, there was a series called 'The Baby-Sitters Club'. I wondered if I should read it, but I didn't really want to. Then one day Mum's friend took her son, my little brother, and me to a HUGE library. I got a heap of pony books (obviously) and then once again I noticed The Baby-Sitters Club books. So I just took one. After reading it, I marched into the school library and borrowed as many Baby-Sitters Club Books as possible! Seriously, I fell in love with the series. I read every single Baby-Sitters Club book the library had!

Then we moved to the country. I missed Melbourne so so much, so we started visiting it a lot. Then on one of our visits, Dad said he would take me to a bookshop. I thought he'd take me to Borders (a VERY big bookshop), which had the Baby-Sitters Club, but we were running late so he took me to Angus and Roberston. I was kinda upset, but then I saw a series of REALLY bright books and decided to take one. I took Gingersnaps. And that was that. I was completely HOOKED by ALL of Cathy Cassidy's books! They are really good!!!

So then I decided to go to her website, In the bit where she wrote about herself, I noticed it said one of her favourite reads was Think Pink by Lisa Clark. It sounded cool, so I searched for it and found out Lisa Clark had a website, Somewhere in it, she mentioned a fab blog called . I checked it out, and it definitely got the CherryDiva Approval. Actually, CherryDiva didn't exist back then, so I guess it got the Stacey Approval. Then I found out about Little Miss La La's (now Miss Electro Sparkle...I know! Talk about cool names!) blog, And that's it, after reading all these fab blogs I decided to create my own. Thanks to all these people for inspiring me, I really couldn't have done it without you!

I really think this is very random. I mean, it started with going to the library in Melbourne, and finished with a blog. What d'ya think?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Back 2 School

Hiya peoples!!! Well, school has officially started. For me it has anyway.I was very excited when my mum was driving me to school, because, well our classroom makeover was finished! For two weeks before the holidays, our class was moved to the art room. That is because, big, stinky workmen (seriously. They stank like they haven't bathed in a week!) fenced of the entrance to our classroom, because (I'm using a lot of 'because' here) we were getting a classroom makeover! I have to say, the workmen did a very good job. But our principal chose very dull colours. Like, light blue walls, navy carpet, blah blah... Anyway, this is what we got...

- New carpet (navy)
- the walls re-painted (like I said, light blue)
-the ceilings lowered (we had VERY high ceilings, so it got REALLY cold in winter)
-This kind of carpet-ish materiel put halfway around the walls (so we can stick on our lovely creations with Velcro)
-new cupboards
-a door put into the wall so we can enter the room next to us (which is going to be a computer lab with seven flat-screen computers) easier

Cool, yeah? I know. Oooops, gotta run. I have a LOT of homework to do...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Earth Laughs In Flowers

I kinda didn't expect it, but people actually really liked my writing! So I thought, well, why not write more? This piece was inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson who said 'Earth laughs in flowers' (I actually don't know anything about the guy. I just saw his quote in my book Juicy Writing). Oh, and (unfortunately) I don't live in the city, but we used to, and it definitely wasn't that bad, but still. And I kinda made two stories, one from the point of view of a kid who lives in a polluted city, and one who lives in the peaceful country. But where the grass is actually green, unlike here.

Walking home from school. All I see is the colour gray-the the buildings, the gravel, even the sky is filled with smoke and pollution. If I look down, there's only litter. Gross. If I look up, I see the tops of buildings which look like they're about to crumble down. I look at the people around me-gloomy faces, or no expression at all. I look to the side and see that someone has tried to plant flowers and didn't succeed. They succeeded planting them-but I can tell a car drove over them and even if it didn't the flowers would still have died because of all the pollution. I close my eyes and listen, but all I hear is the traffic and a few angry drivers. With my eyes still closed, I take a deep breath in-and immediately start to cough. Yuk.
If the Earth laughs in flowers, I want to cry too.

Walking home from school. Everywhere I look I see a different colour-green grass, blue sky, and flowers in just about every shade you can imagine. If look down I'll see the cracked footpath, weeds sticking out here and there. If I look up I see the tops of the trees, the sun, the blue sky, and a colourful rainbow that could pass for a massive slide. A few people walk pass each one smiling. I look to the side and see the paddocks filled with sheep, horses or cows. I close my eyes and listen, and I hear the birds, the horses and my feet crunching along the path. With my eyes still closed, I take a deep breath, and the air smells of sweetness and cherry blossoms.
Where I live, the Earth laughs in flowers louder than ever.

What d'ya think? Which one do you like better? Which ending do you like better? Does the second story sound too cheesy? Would you like me to write more? Please comment!


Enjoy Living Life...

Hiya all! My friend sent me this (she got it from HER friend, who got it from HER friend, who got it from her friend, etc.) and I thought it was really cool, so I'll show you...

As we grow up, we learn that even the one person who wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You will blame a new friend for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back.

Don't be afraid that your life will end,
be afraid that it will never begin again.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sleepover Madness!!!

Yesterday my two VERY good friends came over for a sleepover. We had SOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun! First we did make-up. One person sat on a chair and closed their eyes. The other two gave them a 'surprise' make over. It could be crazy, stylish, formal or completely horrifying. I got green eyeshadow, pink glittery lipstick, purple body powder on my cheeks, floro (neon) pink nail polish, and my curly hair put in a side ponytail. Wow, right? After we were done we took pictures, then play on my computer, then watch movies. We watched High School Musical 3 (we all seen it before, but it's really good so I bought a DVD), That's So Suit Life Of Hannah Montana (all our favourite shows rolled into one) and Freaky Friday (soooooooooooo funny!!!) When we finished at 2:00 am, we played truth or dare.

Even though we went to bed sooooooo late, surprisingly each of us woke up at 7:30. I would've gone back to sleep, but my friends were wide awake so... (yawn).

Anyway, it was a GREAT sleepover (very girly) and we were all very happy. Anyone have any sleepover experience they want to share with me? (Please say yes, please say yes...)

Ciao for now!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Beeeep-beeeeep! New Online Store Alert! I have just found a TOTALLY cool new online store (thanks to called....Chicki! It sells REALLY cute accessories, bags, stationary, the lot! And best of all.... if you scroll down the page, soon on the left you'll come to currency (cost), so you can pick Australian Dollars or whatever!!!
The shop is REALLY cool, and these are just SOME of the items that I fell in love with...

Wow! A cherry ring! Soooooooooooooo cool! I ♥ it! If you can't tell why I like it... you're crazy! Oh, and look at the title of the blog! This would look great with a cute top and a pair of red tights....

I ♥ Hello Kitty!!! Sooooooo cute (again!). And with school and writing and everything... you can never have too much stationary!!! This set includes a pencil case, a pen, a pencil, a ruler, a rubber and a sharpener. Essential AND really funky? I am so getting it!

Seriously, could there be anything cuter?! The cat makes it stylish yet cute. This would make a perfect accessory!!! This bag would be perfect to carry anything.... from notebooks to dancing gear!
Are you yet convinced that you should totally visit Chicki? If you are, go to NOW!!!

Indian Treasure . . .

Here's one of the MANY pieces of writing hidden in my notebook. I actually don't know if there are any markets in Mumbai, but I imagine there is...

It is a hot, dry day in India. A girl is seen walking through a market in Mumbai. She is wearing a bright sari, her arms loaded with bangles. On her feet are an ancient pair of turquoise sandals with silver beads stitched in here and there.
As she walks, the smell of spices fill her head. She doesn't hear the yells of the stall keepers, advertising fruit and jewellery and wooden spoons. Her head is held high, shoulders thrown back. She looks confident, but inside she is crumbling.
She is looking for something long gone, forbidden. Something mysterious, treasured.
A memory, a summer....

So...What do ya think?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mornington Peninsula Holiday

Yeah, I know. REALLY unique and imaginative title. Wow. Anyway, on Friday my family and I drove to Mornington Penisula for a mini-holiday (four days). It was-get ready- a 5 HOUR DRIVE!!! Yeah, I was bored, but luckly no one threw up.

Mornington Peninsula is this beautiful place by the sea (it was too cold to swim. Face it people-autumn has come). We rented a really beautiful holiday house, and my little bro was especially happy because it had a PlayStation.
On the first day we just walked around and then had dinner at a restaurant. On the second day we took a boat to Queenscliff and enjoyed the day there. On the third day we took a walk on some of the beaches. On the last day (my birthday - I turned...11!) I went down to the beach and collected a HEAP of white shells. I'll tell you what I'm gonna do with them later...
Actually, we went to the beach EVERY day. On one of the days we saw... a seal! A wild one, right under the pier! It was SOOOO cute! Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera, so I couldn't take a picture (stop boo-ing!) so I got this pic of the internet.
Well, I hope you enjoyed my report on my holiday! Please do comment!
Lauz, I can't comment on your blog. I press leave a cooment but it doesn't work. Oh, and thanks for YOUR comment, Lauz and Beanie!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Writing First Aid Kit

Apart from reading, I also REALLY like...writing!!! What else would I do with all my Smiggle stationary? About a year ago, I got a really good book called 'Juicy Writing' by Brigid Lowry. It's like a writing first aid kit. It tells you how to write a bestseller, and how to make your writing exciting and wow-tastic. It also has inspirational quotes, techniques, and what to do when you get stuck. I recomend it to all would-be-writers out there!

Super Blogs

Now, the main reason why I started blogging was because...well...I read all these other REALLY unique, exciting, amazing blogs and thought 'Well why not try it?'

So thankyou soooooooo much

Miss Electro Sparkle (Little Miss La La)

Lisa Clark (it's KINDA like a blog)

I'm sure there's a heap of blogs out there which are fab, great and wow-tastic!!! If you own one of them PLEASE do tell me!!!

Fave Reads

Ok, you should know that I love, love, LOVE reding!!! It's like, my number one hobby!!! Some of my my FAVE authors include - Cathy Cassidy, Lisa Clark, Ann M. Martin, Francess Hodgson Burnett and Meg Cabot. I think all of these authors are REALLY talented! Do you?

I don't really have a FAVOURITE book, but I have a few - A Little Princess (Francess Hogson Burnett), Dizzy (Cathy Cassidy) and Stargirl (Jerry Spinelli).

What's your fave author or book? I'd LOVE to know!!! PLEASE leave a comment!!!

That's My Name, Don't Wear It Out!!!

Ok, so you may or may not be thinking, what kinda name is CherryDiva??? Well first of all, I like cherries, and I was eating some when I was choosing my name. Ok, the next one. Well, in case you don't know, one of my favourite shops is called Diva. It sells really funky jewellery, and I love it! Go check out your closest store or It's REALLY good!

Op Shop Treasures

Today my Mum and I went shopping, which doesn't mean much because I live in this teeny weeny little town, and the only shops we've got are on the main street. But they's still really good ones. So anyway, after we came out of the Clothes Bin (this neat shop wich sells really good clothes) I saw the op shop. You know, the one where people dump all they're pre-loved goods, and other people buy it for a VERY cheap price? Yeah, well, I've never actually been to this one, not that I've been to very many op shops, so I said 'Mum, lets go in there!'
So we went in, and I found this REALLY cool necklace made out of red dice and little flower shaped beads, only for like, $2.00! I loved it. You know I love unusual jewellery and accesories. Some Op Shops donate a bit of their money to charities like the Bushfire Apeal (Victoria had a TERRIBLE bushfire recently). So I skipped out of the shop feelng like I REALLY helped someone!
If you want to danate to the Bushfire apeal go to

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


For people who don't know Smiggle, firstly-OMG!!! Secondly, Smiggle is a stationary shop with a twist. It has seriously THE best stationary you've seen in a LONG time!!! It's all about stuff that's different, colourful and VERY cool! Right now ALL my stuff comes from Smiggle- I suggest you check out your local store, or their website ( pronto!!!

The New Blog In Town!!!

Hi everyone! This is my new (and only) blog! I'm kinda (ok, VERY) new to this blog buisness so, uh, helpful comments are ALWAYS welcome. Well actually, any type of comments are more then welcome! I will write here as often as I can. I'll try to create a care-free, fun, postive blog for everyone to read and smile at!