Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wordle and Neopets Account...

Howdy y'all. Check out some of thr Wordle pics I created! You just go to wordle.com, type in your blog url and it comes up with one of these! A buch of words from your blog!!!!

And I have also got a Neopets account which I no longer wish to use, anyone can have it. Here's a pic:

The username is AngelCake134 and the password is cherry01. Just log on and change the password. Oh, and leave me a comment saying who took it. I kinda wanna know!

Love and cherry sparkles,


Kate said...

I remember being addicted to neopets when I was around 10... I loved it.

I might go back to it actually!! xox

Anonymous said...

I ADORE Taylor Swift!!! Her music rocks. I love your blog too!! And i agree with what you said in your last post about the song "Breathe" being used in the forest scene it would be great. thanks for being great!!