Saturday, January 9, 2010

Is there such thing as cherry flavored tooth fillings? Could someone pls let me know?!

I have just finished reading Feeling Sorry For Celia, and thought that maybe I should write my post sort of like the books, a bit like letters or notes (btw the book was HILARIOUS - I loved it!).

I'm in bed right now, typing on mum's laptop WHICH WE ARE NEVER EVER ALLOWED TO USE OR ELSE!!!!! Today was incredibly and unbelievably hot. The only way you can survive is going to the pool then to the cinemas to see Avatar for the second time, which is why i am still alive.

Tomorrow I plan on washing the car. Might sound crazy, but it's absolutely perfect because not only am I doing a good deed and making my parents happy, but also it's a great way to get extra cash and spray your brother with a hose so he sprays you back and you get covered with cool, refreshing water.

I might attempt to go hit the sack now because it's 10pm and i planed on getting up at 6 tomorrow. Don't ask why. Just don't. Probably because I don't have a clue why I want to get up so early on a summer Monday. It's holidays for crying out loud.

So goodnight to you all.
Sweet dreams,
Cherry :-)


Anonymous said...

I've read Feeling Sorry for Ceilia! I loved the book and it's format - but I did not feel sorry for Ceilia!

Today in the UK was unbeilevably cold, it was minus 12 outside! And our snow hasn't melted after 4 days (which is really strange)

I love washing cars in Summertime, you're so lucky you get such hot Summers!

Sara Leslie said...

Jealous! How I wish it was gorgeous and summery here rather than below freezing with snow we have had for a month now that is getting kinda annoying!! ^D^ x

Imogen said...

Feeling Sorry For Celia is a great book! Have you read the other ones by that author (whos name doesn't come to mind) there all written in that sort of style esp. Becoming Bindy McKenzie.

**NeonGlitter** said...

Instantly made me think of you:

Amber x

Anonymous said...

Just letting you know that you won an award on my blog :)

amber renee said...

yummm cherry flavored fillings! are there cupcake flavored ones?? <3

Anonymous said...

Remember me, Rachel, from Top Blog. I have recently changed blogger html and forgot to tell you...
Please visit and maybe follow it too. I <3 followeeers!


Meggin (Serendipity Reviews) said...

Oh, I loved that book! Jaclyn Moriarty is one of my favorite contemporary writers. I can't wait for Ghosts of Ashbury High to come out, have you read any of the other books in the Ashbury series?

P.S. love the blog look :)