Monday, September 7, 2009


Today I rode to and from school on my bike. It felt so wonderful, going at full speed with the wind blowing my hair back and opening my eyes. Maybe this is what flying feels like. I got home in a record of 13 minutes, when usually it takes me 20. That meant I had a few extra minutes of free time to read, write or listen to music. My lovely friend M has let me burn her Taylor Swift CD. I was actually gonna buy it. Good thing I didn't. :)

Ok, I'm gonna put the positive thing o pause for a bit, and moan a bit about something I got on Friday. Sorry, I hope you don't mind. Don't read on if you do. Anyway, on Friday I got....braces. Yes, it is true. And oh, it is so very horrible! It hurts very very much and I can't bite anything at all! Waaaa. I think it's a bit long for them to still be hurting. My friends say they look fine and the pain will go away, but it is hard to believe them. Also, I am not allowed lollies. Like, AT ALL. Which is sad, as I am such a sweet tooth. Oh well. Do any of my readers have braces? If so, please tell me about them!

Oh, and I got a few awards lately. Sorry I havn't posted them up soner! I can't think of anyone to give them to, so I'll give them to my followers. If you followed me before the 7th of September 2009 8pm (Australian Standared Time), you may have these awards. Thnx 2 Rachel, Amber and Sasha!

Thanks again! Before I go, guess what Cathy Cassidy's new book is gonna be called? Cherry Crush! Thanks for telling me Anna! I CAN'T WAIT!!!


Al said...

Riding a bike with the wind in your hair is always an amazing moment. :)

Cupcake Crazy Cat :o) said...

Hiya It's Cat :D

What colour scheme do you want your banner to have??

Beanie said...

Heya Cherry!

I have braces :( I got them in November last year, I think? I'm getting them off on the 12th October! Yaaay!

Anyway - the MAXIMUM time they will hurt at first is a week. And even though I think in Scotland it says you can't eat baguettes with braces... um.. not true XD *has eaten a lot of baguettes*

The only other time it will hurt is if your wires get tightened and/or you get a rubberband(s). If you get a rubberband, it might hurt a little, but not a lot!

Umm.... yeah. Brushing your teeth takes FOREVER. So I feel your pain *pat*

If you need anything elsse just pop on over to my blog! ^_^


Cherry Diva said...

Al: Yes, it's so great!

Cat: Oh, I don't mind. Ask Anna.

Beanie: Thanks for your support. Yes, I got bands straight away, and they hurt too. :(

Cupcake Crazy Cat :o) said...

Who's Anna, lol :D?

Cherry Diva said...

Anna's my partner in Cherry Banana Split. Here website is .


courtney jane said...

WOW i love love your page your layout is amazing! Thanx for the comment:)

courtney jane said...

Oh! and i recently got my braces off - I had them for 3 years! But i was allowed to eat lollies as long as they were sugar free lol. but it won't kill your teeth to have normal lollies either, unless you have different kind of braces...but don't worry, your friends are right - the pain will go away! :)
hope this helps

Kate said...

thanks for the idea! I love cathy cassidy :)

I used to have braces! I got them taken off last January I think..

I remember when I first got them - omg I know. very sore! TRUST me, you will get used to them. You can't even feel them after 4-5 days.

and when they're off you will have beautiful gnashers ;)

kate xxx

Jewels Diva said...

Wow, that sucks, pain and braces.

Are they the metal type, or the new fancy clear version?

And I know what you mean about lollies. I am addicted too!

Cupcake Crazy Cat :o) said...

Sorry to be a pain, but is there any way that you could tell me the colour scheme you would like the banner to be. It's just because I don't know Anna.