Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Is The First Harry Potter Movie Called Philosopher's Stone or Sauceror's Stone?

Wow, I just had the most awesomest day ever. My friend S and I went to watch Eclipse, which was HILARIOIUS.
"Doesn't he own a shirt?" -Edward
"Dad, Edward is old-school" -Bella
"Is like, code or something?" -Charlie
"Well, I am hotter than you"-Jacob

and our favourite....
"She broke her hand...punching my face" -Jacob

Even during the bits that weren't meant to be funny, she and I were trying SO hard not to laugh. In the end we just freely cracked up.

Then we went to Kmart and pretended to be really posh, including faking a phone call from 'Josh'. :-)

Last was the pool, where we went up to a totally random guy and said:

S: "Hey, OMG I remember you!"
Me: "Oh, hey there old pal"
*Dude's face brights up then looks quizzical*
*I stare at him*
Me:"Hey wait, you're not Connor"
*turns to S*
"He's not Connor, lets go"

It was the most awesome day these school holidays, and it's awesome that I got I got mysef to sit down and blog about it. Well, I better go. Thanks for reading!!!


Amber said...

It's the Philosopher's Stone ;) Or it is here anyway. Might be different in Australia?

Sounds like you had a fun, random time! :D LOL. I WANNA SEE ECLIPSE!!!!! I've missed your posts :( lol

Amber xx

Anna said...

sounds like a great day. i watched New Moon with two guys i've been friends with since i was 4 and it was alot of fun. i was at my friend's house the other day and her little bro and his friends were watching it and we made some dirty jokes. the 10 year olds had no clue why we were laughing.

harry potter is philosopher's stone every where but america where it was renamed sorcerer's stone.

Mizz Ali said...

cool day.

are you going to post mmore often now?

Lena ♥ said...

Philosopher's Stone is everywhere but America. Haha my fave line from Eclipse was "Is that code for something?" Omg I love Charlie :)