Saturday, June 13, 2009


OMG! This morning I found out that Sara Leslie has given me like, seven awards or something! How awfully nice of her! I am so extremely happy! Thanks SOOO much Sara! You've made me feel as happy as anything!

This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool! I really don't know who to give it to since Sara cheekily gave it to everyone!
Well, I guess I'll give it to Sara (obviously) plus everyone who follows me, (thats Deborah, FairyFloss, Elmo!!!!!, Mylifein-ablog, Beanie, Angela, **NeonGlitter**, Marsha, Jewels Diva, LylaStar10, Kate, Sara L, Dazzy, dudeyoustolemydress and Jessica) for being so extremely wonderful and following my blog!!! I'll also give it to Sasha from 'The Sweet Bonjour', Mizz Hannah from 'Bloom, Hope', Anna from 'Anna Banana', Lauz from 'Lauzy Blog' and Nic from 'Pinknic's Planet'.
Thankyou extremely to everyone who follows me or has given me an award or just reads my blog. I can't believe I already have fifteen followers and ten awards. I wouldn't have gotten this far without you all!


Al said...

yay awards!!! congratulations and thankyou!!

**NeonGlitter** said...

Thank you! Do you mind if I only use one award on my blog since my side bar is getting quite long, lol. :D

Beanie said...

Omgosh! Thankyou so much! I am ever so chuffed :D

This has inspired me to maybe craft my own award.... Hmmms ;3

Kate said...

woop!!! thanks!

back 2 u obvs :D

kate xxxx

Jewels Diva said...

Oh Cherry Diva, I got three awards for you over at my blog!

Angela said...