Saturday, June 27, 2009


I finally uploaded a video of myself on to ChickLitChicks! Yay! I tried like, a HEAP of times to upload the video here but for some strange reason my computer just starts humming really, really loud like it's angry or something and then just gives up and quietly shuts down. So instead, just click here.
Don't watch it if you want to just think of me as a secret, mysterious blogger gal. My hair looks all weird and voice sounds REALLY strange anyhow.

So anyway my friend lent me all these really good books to read on the holidays, but I'm already halfway through them. She gave me 'Stirring it Up', 'Lucky Star', 'Sunny Side Up' and 'Blue Gene Baby'. I've read 'Lucky Star' and 'Sunny Side Up' before, but I just felt like reading them again and 'Blue Gene Baby' is the second book in the Silk Sisters series, and unfortunately I haven't read the first book yet which might make things a bit complicated. . .

Speaking of books Anna (from Anna Banana) and I might have our Aussie book blog up soon! We have no idea what to call it though. Any ideas?


Beanie said...

Lol, don't ask how I got here so quickly (let's just say I was on Google Reader...)

ANYWHO! I will leave the video cos I want to keep you as a mysterious peep ^_^ But I bet it is AMAZING!

And I think you could call your Aussie blog:
-- Aussie Book Love (ok that's crap, sorry :()
-- Aussie's on a Mission (XD)
-- Cherry Banana Co.
-- Cherry Banana Split
-- Cherry & Banana in Company (wth?)
-- Cherry & Banana
-- Aussie Cherries
-- Cherry-banana flavoured Aussies

And that is all! Just go chat on my chatbox thing if you see this xD


Meggin said...

Ooh, congrats :) I got mine up a few days ago... I'll go watch yours now :)

-P.S. I'm with Beanie on the Cherry&Banana Split... Then your logo could be a little cute sundae :) It's too early for me to have ideas of my own, sorry +D


Anna Banana said...

i like the banana split thingy. then we wouldn't hav to find a aussie bachground which i haven't succeded with

Sara L said...

I like Cherry Banana Split - I think it's cute and catchy :L

Angela said...

yeah, Cherry Banana Split sound nice, if I saw a link to that on someone's blog, I would be like, "Cherry Banana Split? I gotta see what that is!!" Is it going to be like, a book review blog? my friends and I have one, when you get yours up, tell me, and I can put it on our list. =D

Jewels Diva said...

Cool video Cherry, have you tried Nancy Drew books?

Cherry Diva said...

Thanx 4 all the cool ideas!