Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Notebooks and......Oh Just Stuff!

Helloooooooooooooooooo my faithful readers! Wassup?! The other day my Mum bought me these REALLY cool notebooks from Smiggle! This one:

In which I'll keep short stories, poems, story starters and MORE!

And a gold one in which I'll keep interesting bits and pieces that I can later work into a story.

So..... holidays have started! Actually they started on Friday but you know. Both Mum AND Dad are working so I have to stay home mostly, but that means I'll be bloggin' a lot! Yesterday my lil' bro was just watching TV and I was on the computer 'cause it was really windy outside and we were bored. So then EVERYTHING turned off. Because of all the wind, a tree fell over and hit the power line! So we started collecting candles so we wouldn't have to find them when it's dark, and thank goodness I have a mobile phone 'cause otherwise no one would've been able to get through to check we were all right!

My phone:

last time we had a windy day like this a whirl-wind thingy came and took our trampoline and took it out to we the golf course! We live like, really close to the golf course! So it got caught in a tree then fell down and absolutely got totally bent. Scary yet seriously true!

Oh and about a week ago I told my Mom's and Dad's friend about the 101 tasks in 1001 days thingy and he said he'd do it! So today I was just sitting on the sofa, writing in my new notebook when my Dad comes in and goes, 'There's a letter for you. From the USA!'. I got like totally confused 'cause no one I know lives in the USA or is on holiday there right now. So I open it up and realise it's a postcard from that very friend! He said one of his goals was to visit Los Angeles/California and he'd done it! I'm like, 'NO WAY!!!' I mean, I sent someone to Los Angeles! Really! Talk about exciting!

Thanks to everyone, especially Beanie, for giving us an idea for our blog name. Now we're stuck-Cherry Banana Twist or Cherry Banana Split? Comment!

OK, now I should go but before I do I'll warn you that something REALLY exciting is going to appear on this blog SOON....................


Sara L said...

I like Twist, but Split is pretty cool too!

Can't wait for the exciting thing! :)

Rachel said...

Can you look at my blog plz?? I've given you an award.

Rachel said...

Actually I've given you two but you nv saw the first one so you can add them both, lol.

Kate said...

cherry banana twist sounds better I think.. :)


Jenny =) said...

I like both names!

Once me and my mum were driving and this tree and powerlines fell down right infront of us! Scary stuffs!

Jennybeans x

Beanie said...

Ooh! I can't choose xD No problem, btw ^^

It was lucky you had a phone! And that is so great how you sent someone to the USA, and they did it because of 101 in 1001!!

Which reminds me that I need to update mine.. xD

Anywho! I have some new posts up - including an extremely funny (and also STRANGE! :O ) one!