Sunday, August 30, 2009

Well Hello....and Sorry For Being a Lazy Blogger!

As I am writing this, I am nibbling on a toffee apple and listening to 'Fearless' by Taylor Swift. Jealous? :)
I slept until 10:30 today. What? It IS a Sunday! Hahaha, that isn't really the reason though.

Y'see, yesterday we played our last netball game of the season. *Sob*. It actually went pretty well. OK, it went REALLY well! In fact, it went so well that we bet the other team by 16 goals!!! Honest! I can't believe it really. The other team must've been having a pretty bad day!!! So anyway, the footy season finished that day too, and every year on that day, we have a presentation night. It's a night when everyone dresses up, and all the awards and stuff are given out in the town hall. Oh, and we have dinner as well. AND entertainment! This year the theme was fashion parades, and it was SOOOOO funny! Each grade (Under 13 netball, under 16 netball, under 16 football, etc.) had to do their own parade down the stage. There was swimwear, sportswear, and ours wear!

I wore a little navy-blue dress with flowers and teddy bears on it over tights and a t-shirt. I put my hair in two long plaits and wore crocs (the shoes, not the reptiles!) on my feet. My friend was dressed up as a fairieand we had a fight over a teddy. She won, so I threw a tantrum, which the crowd loved. Some of my other friends dressed up as baby twins, bunny rabbits, barbie dolls, and K wore a nappy! Our coach dressed up as Tiger! It was SO MUCH FUN!!! But it finished at like, 1 am!

Right now I'm reading My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. The movie just came out! I don't think I really wanna watch the movie though. The book's sad enough. There might be a review up at Cherry Banana Split soon.

Well, I gotta go. Cherry blossom trees to water, reading to do. TTYL!


Anna Banana said...

cool. i went to a sleepover and went to bed at about one. for some reason i woke up at 7:30 thou. sounds fun.

Anonymous said...

7:30???? Sheesh....

(can't be bothered signing in)