Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Wonderful Day and Positive Thnking

I have just been reading over my blog posts and I've realised that I don't sound really positive. That is why I have decided to try to make my posts more positive and care-free. That was actually the kind of blog I was aiming to write in the first place!

Last Friday I went to the mobile library (a library on wheels that visits small towns like ours every two weeks). Since I couldn't find any good books to read, I hoped on the computer and searched for 'Lisa Clark'. Immediately all her lovely books came up on the page, indicating that the library has them! I was oh so excited, especially because her fiction books were there too, and I didn't even know they were out in Australia yet! I asked for 'Think Pink' and the nice librarian told me that she'll order it for me from another mobile library. I am really excited now.

Yesterday was such a lovely, warm day. Quite strange because it's winter now. But the sun was shining and the gentle breeze made everything so nice. I went for a walk with my brother and took my camera. he clouds looked like soft, fairy floss cushions in the sky. The little yellow flowers look a bit like mini suns.

You may have noticed that I've put one of those music-playing-teddy bear thingys on my sidebar. So now you can listen to sweet music when you read my posts. Lots of Taylor Swift, she's my favourite!

Enjoy your day.

Cherry Blossom Wishes,


Angela said...

thats what winter looks like near you?! lucky!

Anna Banana said...

i know! it was quite sunny yesterday. it was cold her thou and very windy in the morning,we were trying to play hockey and i turned white.

Cherry Diva said...

Angela: Usualy no...I wish it did though!

Oh no! We played netball yesteday (Saturday) and it was really sunny! Quite hot actually.

Xx_RachelAnn_xX said...

I love Taylor Swift :o) Shes one of my all time favous. !

Xx_RachelAnn_xX said...

Hi can you plss check out my blog cause you might have won an award...

Rachel xx

Feel free to follow it! I love followers :D

Sara from DBR said...

I'd love to live in Austrailia! Hehe. I always thought CherryDiva was positive, but good on you for being even MORE positive! :)

Kate said...

taylor swift is my fave singer too!


gorgeous pics!

Jewel Divas said...

The teddy player is so cute, great post!

**NeonGlitter** said...

Hi CherryDiva!

You have won an award! Check out my blog to get the award and see what place you came in! :o)


LILY-SAGE said...

hello darling, im very sorry i have not updated my blog in what seems like a life time!

Today would be the first day since my last post, that i actually logged on. It makes me sad that i have not kept up with my blogging during the summer, but i have been very busy.

however! i thought i'd stop by and let you know, you can expect a new post by the end of the month! & i shall keep up with new posts(:

have a lovely week my dear & very cute blog.