Monday, April 27, 2009

Just Totally Random Stuff

G'day all! This is just a totally random post in which I am going to tell you about stuff that I did.
OK, yesterday we went to Melbourne and I got myself some earrings! I got cherry studs(!), strawberry studs, little red balls, hangy cherry earrings, hangy strawberry earrings, and pacman earings that look kinda like the ones on the left. I also got myself a new set of hair ties, and a pair of socks (yay). And mum bought me Sundea Girl, so c'mon, congratulate me, because now I have officially read EVERY single book by Cathy Cassidy! Woop-woop! I think I will have an extra couple of ANZAC biscuits to celebrate! Even though ANZAC day is over, but still. ANZAC biscuits are really very nice. You should try some.
Also in school today our teacher put up a picture on the Smart Board (y'know, them interactive whiteboards. They're like a massive touch-screen) and told us to write a short story about the picture. Also he put on a Good Charlotte song and told us to write whatever comes into our heads when we hear this song. I like this kind of writing. What I don't like is when the teachers say, " I'll give you ten minutes to write a masterpiece with the last sentence being 'And then we all drove back home with the lobster sitting in the front seat'. Go." I mean, first of all, what kind of ending is that? And how are we supposed to write a masterpiece in ten minutes? I just don't get it.
Ooooh, and I also have a really good idea. You know, when you have a really embarrassing moment, it feels really good when you hear someone else's embarrassing story? Well I thought, why not have something like that on my blog?! If you have an embarrassing story, send it to me on my email, And mention whether you want me to include your name or not. I'll post the best ones on my blog!!!
Oh, and also I would like to thank all those who comment on my blog. It's an amazing feeling when you go to your blog and see that someone has read your post and left a positive message about it. It's really exciting!!


Dazzy said...

Oh! Cool idea!!!

LylaStar10 said...

Wow, I LOVE that book Sundae Girl. It's Cathy's best book yet! You'll luv it, I know you will!


♥Cupcake Diva♥ said...

Congrats! I've read all of em' too!

Cookie xxx