Monday, April 27, 2009

How I Actually Started This Blog

OK, I'm gonna go all the way back and tell you why I decided to start this blog. Have fun reading!!!

It all started when we moved to Melbourne. we were in the library, borrowing books and I noticed that this girl was always getting books from the same series. The series was called 'Pony Pals'. I decided to try it out (since I couldn't find any other good books), and soon was reading it non-stop. But right under the shelf where all the Pony Pals books were, there was a series called 'The Baby-Sitters Club'. I wondered if I should read it, but I didn't really want to. Then one day Mum's friend took her son, my little brother, and me to a HUGE library. I got a heap of pony books (obviously) and then once again I noticed The Baby-Sitters Club books. So I just took one. After reading it, I marched into the school library and borrowed as many Baby-Sitters Club Books as possible! Seriously, I fell in love with the series. I read every single Baby-Sitters Club book the library had!

Then we moved to the country. I missed Melbourne so so much, so we started visiting it a lot. Then on one of our visits, Dad said he would take me to a bookshop. I thought he'd take me to Borders (a VERY big bookshop), which had the Baby-Sitters Club, but we were running late so he took me to Angus and Roberston. I was kinda upset, but then I saw a series of REALLY bright books and decided to take one. I took Gingersnaps. And that was that. I was completely HOOKED by ALL of Cathy Cassidy's books! They are really good!!!

So then I decided to go to her website, In the bit where she wrote about herself, I noticed it said one of her favourite reads was Think Pink by Lisa Clark. It sounded cool, so I searched for it and found out Lisa Clark had a website, Somewhere in it, she mentioned a fab blog called . I checked it out, and it definitely got the CherryDiva Approval. Actually, CherryDiva didn't exist back then, so I guess it got the Stacey Approval. Then I found out about Little Miss La La's (now Miss Electro Sparkle...I know! Talk about cool names!) blog, And that's it, after reading all these fab blogs I decided to create my own. Thanks to all these people for inspiring me, I really couldn't have done it without you!

I really think this is very random. I mean, it started with going to the library in Melbourne, and finished with a blog. What d'ya think?


Kate said... the moral of the story is, go to libraries.

lol. or, more tastefully, you can find amazing things where you least expect them?

I love cathy cassidy too. and think pink is like a bible to me, i swear!


Temporary:Secretary said...

keep up the great blog, missy!


Anonymous said...

Libraries are 'mazing, facto!

I love stories like that - it's like a conversation when you change topic to topic, so you might jump from talking about the weather to... coloureful toilets!

Lovely blog too (:

PS. Think Pink is a bible to me too! *love*

Anna Banana said...

pretty much the same for me! i liked babysitter club books and i still like cathy cassidy books! i'm a couple of years older than you i read every baby sitter book i could get my hands on when i was 11.