Friday, April 17, 2009

Sleepover Madness!!!

Yesterday my two VERY good friends came over for a sleepover. We had SOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun! First we did make-up. One person sat on a chair and closed their eyes. The other two gave them a 'surprise' make over. It could be crazy, stylish, formal or completely horrifying. I got green eyeshadow, pink glittery lipstick, purple body powder on my cheeks, floro (neon) pink nail polish, and my curly hair put in a side ponytail. Wow, right? After we were done we took pictures, then play on my computer, then watch movies. We watched High School Musical 3 (we all seen it before, but it's really good so I bought a DVD), That's So Suit Life Of Hannah Montana (all our favourite shows rolled into one) and Freaky Friday (soooooooooooo funny!!!) When we finished at 2:00 am, we played truth or dare.

Even though we went to bed sooooooo late, surprisingly each of us woke up at 7:30. I would've gone back to sleep, but my friends were wide awake so... (yawn).

Anyway, it was a GREAT sleepover (very girly) and we were all very happy. Anyone have any sleepover experience they want to share with me? (Please say yes, please say yes...)

Ciao for now!


Dazzy said...
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Miss Electro Sparkle-Sasha said...

Thank you Cherry Diva for your positive feed back on my interview. I love your blog btw. So funky!

Sara Leslie said...

haha, i had an easter sleepover at one of my friends last sunday :L we watched two very scary movies (with mean girls in between! :L) and we couldn't get to sleep because there was four of us in one double bed! we managed though - at 5am! and then we all woke up at 7am :L

safe to say, i was tired. and then it was school the next day!

love the blog - you're doing great, even though it's new!

Kate said...

i hosted a sleepover over the easter hols with 4 of my bezzies - it was so much fun!

we did lotsa girly things too! makeovers, movies, boy talk, and a whole lotta junk food...

such a cool blog!