Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cathy Cassidy Interview!

THIS is the REALLY exciting thing that I mentioned in my posts! Eeeeek! An interview with my favourite author, Cathy Cassidy! I hope you enjoy!

1. Hi Cathy! Thanks so much for doing this interview! So is there someone or something that inspired you to start writing?
I've always wanted to be a writer... I loved daydreaming, and writing the dreams down was just the next step forward! If one person was an inspiration, I'd have to say my lovely Dad, who sadly died recently... he gave me a love of stories, the courage to dream big and the enthusiasm and determination to make the dreams happen. When someone you love really believes in you, you truly can do anything.

2. How do you come up with such unique characters and names? Are they ever based on anyone you know?
I collect interesting or unusual names from readers who email me or whom I meet at book festivals and on school visits... cool! Then I weave a character around the name... I also get inspiration from readers at book events! If someone looks interesting, they may spark off the beginnings of a character!
3. Do people ever come up to you on the streets screaming 'Omg, it's CATHY CASSIDY!!! Eeeeek! Can I have an autograph?!" If so, does it annoy you?
No. Authors are very rarely THAT famous... unless you are JK Rowling!!! I do sometimes get spotted at book festivals or in my local supermarket, but it's always very sweet and polite!

4. If you HAD to, which ones of your books would you write a sequel to?
My book Lucky Star is a 'kind of' sequel to Dizzy, all about Mouse when he is 14 years old. You'll find out what happened to some of your other fave characters, too! Check it out... I think you'll like it! That is the closest to sequel I have done.

5. Were you surprised when you found out how good your first book, Dizzy was selling?
Yes... I was just happy to have had a book published, but to find kids were connecting with it so much was brilliant!

6. Why did you decide to start writing books for younger readers like Shine on Daizy Star?
My publishers asked if I'd have a go... and I thought it might be fun!

7. If you weren't a writer, what would you be?
I would probably still be an art teacher or an agony aunt for a teen mag, jobs I still did until recently... they were fab!

8. Can you give us a little clue on what your next book will be about?
Will it be for older or younger readers?
The very next book out in Australia will be called 'Letters To Cathy'. 'Letters To Cathy' is a non-fiction book answering some of the questions readers send me on growing up, friendship, family, school, boys... and much, much more. It will be out in November. I think you'll like it!!!! The 'Cathy Cassidy Dreams & Doodles Daybook' will also be available in Australia then. Next Spring, the second 'younger' book, 'Daizy Star & The Pink Guitar' will be on sale (ages 7-11).Then, in the autumn, there will be the first in a new series for my usual age group... it's still top secret, so keep an eye on my website for more details once I start writing!

9. If you had to live on the moon with only one book, which would it be?
I'd pick a big blank-paged notebook so I could draw and write my own stories.... then I'd never get bored!

10. Would you rather live in Antarctica or Africa?
Either place would be a real struggle for me. It'd have to be Antarctica with a centrally heated house, or Africa with a house that has air conditioning! I'd probably go for Africa if I had to choose... it's an amazing continent!

11. Thanks so much for doing this interview! The last question is: If you were the Queen for a day, what would you do?
Wow! I would create a new teen or pre-teen parliament to help young people with THEIR problems... put daydreaming onto the school timetable of every school in the land... and free cake & smoothies at breaktime, too! I'd also make National Best Friends Day (4th July) into INTERNATIONAL best friends day, so kids around the world could celebrate it. And I would ask everyone to sign up to the FRIENDSHIP CHARTER on my website - actually, I'll ask anyway! Please sign up if you can, and say NO to bullying and YES to the power of friendship. Yay!!! Thanks Stacey... fab questions!


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Oh my gosh you interviewed CATHY CASSIDY!She's totally awesome! You're soooo lucky! Love the blog btw.

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