Monday, July 27, 2009

Worst Day Of The Year

...Well it was for me. First I woke up at like two in the morning and I could get to sleep until six, so I only go five hours of sleep. Then I couldn't get my usual fix of the internet because I had to quickly finish writing a letter to my grandpa. I got a really bad hair day. Then when I was getting dressed I realised that I forgot to put my school pants in the wash on Friday, so I had to go to school with paint-splattered pants. As soon as I came through the school gates a basketball hit me on the head. I have to write an article for the school newspaper and I just realised the deadline is Wednesday. My friends were acting grumpy. I got pretty much every single sum wrong in math. I led the whole team down in Sport. I embarrassed myself by falling over in front of like, everyone. The most annoying boy in school chose me as his victim today. I couldn't sign into my Neopets account. And when I got home I realised I forgot my key on the kitchen table, and I sat there in the cold for two hours before getting the sense to go and check if any of the back doors were open, and realising that one was, and I could've just walked in and settle myself in front of the heater all this time. There.

Sorry to be such a grumpy blogger, but I had to just let it all out. You know what would make me feel better? If you told me about YOUR worst day. Please comment.


Al said...

my bad days generally involve falling over- alot. started an internship a few weeks ago. first day was a shocking hair day AND stacked it TWICE on the way to work!! cut my knee, scratched my laptop... great first impression lol

hopefully your day improved :)

Bubbles 97 said...

Last Year my family went to Heads of Ayr Farm Parks. A really cool place. But I felt really really sick and had to sit in the car for 2 hours feeling completly drowsy and then when I felt a bit better I got out of the car and tripped up on the door (I don't know how I managed :S).
Then all I did was feed the horses (not that I minded that...) but I so wanted to go down these massive slides and stuff but we had to go home :o(

Btw have you looked at my new blog ?? :D

Jenny said...

That sucks! I hate bad days! For its normally when it rains =(

Jenny said...

Hi Cherry! You've won an award! Go to my blog to receive it!

**NeonGlitter** said...

Oooh where will I start lol! :D When we were rehersing for The Wind In The Willows at Drama Class, I forgot all of my lines, I tripped over and hurt my leg, I had a reall bad hair day (y'know, the kind where your hair looks like a lions mane) and I blinked just when the photogropher took our pic. :o(

I bet tomorrow will be a really good day. :o)

Sara from DBR said...

I hope you have a better day tomorrow!

I have really bad days where I can't get a tune right when I'm practising my flute, get everything wrong in class, my brain doesn't work and I feel sad so I don't have fun with my friends. And I have no confidence so in my eyes I look BAD.

Anna Banana said...

i hate bad days! then again who doesn't at least you got it off your chest thou. i love to sing when i'm in a bad mood. i can't think of my worst day but i did have a worst week. it was cold, muggy and drizzled but wouldn't actually rain. we had to do all the NAPLAN tests, the beep test, no library period, no art and we had to stay inside all lunch time everyday. there was more but i've forgotten it.

Angela said...

ok, so my bad days aren't nearly as bad as yours was, but here goes. ok, so my grandma was taking my sister and me to church. at seven o'clock. So I had to get up at six, so I could have breakfast. except I accidentally slept late and woke up at six thirty, and my grandma was already there, so I left without any breakfast. the Mass was fairly boring, since my sister and I were the only kids there. Then I nearly fainted, and I fell down a set of concrete stairs getting out of the church. :D make you feel better?