Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hello! Just doing a little catch-up post:

Okay, first, reminding you about Anna's and mine new blog, Cherry Banana Split, which reviews Australian books. I still haven't put up a review, but I promise I will after school.

And...oh, I have tasted tacos for the first time ever yesterday, and, yeah, they were nice.

Our class is also doing a school newspaper! Right now we're figuring out who'll do which job, and I really want to be editor, interviewer or book reviewing person. Fingers crossed!

Last but most definitely not least - Sara, from Dragonfly Book Reviews, is having a challenge to celebrate her blog being 1 year old! Wooop!

Rules and stuff are here.

The books you're meant to read are here.

Have lots and lots of fun! You might even win a special prize! I'll try to take part, but I am very busy so I can't promise anything!

Cherry blossom wishes,



Rachel said...

Hi CherryDiva,

Btw I've opened up two new blogs, one is just my everyday life, Top Blog isn't working :o( Oh... and the other one just tells you facts and news of the world and stuff. Can you maybe check them out. You could follow them if you want?
Btw your blogs really cool. We done a newspaper at our school and I was a journalist but our school stopped ages ago for the hols' Woopy.

(btw that dash that looks like its connecting the two sentances is actually in my link, lol)

Anna Banana said...

cool. tacos are yummy, but vegetarian ones are better!
please put a review up!!

Sara L said...

Thanks, CherryDiva!! :)

Glad you like tacos - they're gorgeous, although I'm more of a fajita person myself (sp?)

Beanie said...

Hii CherryDiva :) You've won an award! Go check my blog out to receive it!! :D