Friday, May 1, 2009

Photos And Cross Country

Hi peoples!!! On Tuesday we had our school photos taken. I wanted to get my hair straitened, but my friend who's got the hair straighteners (Mum won't let me buy any) was sick so I had to stick with my curly, brown hair. Yawn. It actually looked OK in the morning, but then I made the big mistake of brushing it. I mean, it's not like I was gonna go to school with un-brushed hair, but still. As soon as I brushed it, my hair went all frizzy and uncontrollable. Waaaa!!! So I had to use a heap of hair products, but it still didn't look too good. Oh well.
So after the school and the class photos, the grade sixes (that's me!!!) had a special grade-six photo taken. I mean, this our last year of Primary School and we are the leaders of the school and everything. So, we had to go on the playground, and one of my friends and I had to sit with our legs crossed on a rail. SERIOUSLY uncomfortable position!!!Don't try it unless you have to.

And today (Friday) at assembly the teachers were announcing the new school and sports captains for the term, and guess who got School Captain. ME!!! That's right!!! So now I get to close the toilet doors every lunch! AND I get to make a small speech if anyone special comes to our school (i.e. a famous cartoonist or something). I love making speeches!!! But I was kinda hoping to get Sport Captain 'cause then I would've gotten to coach the netball team, but I'm still happy.

TODAY we had cross country. I badly hate it. We have to run........THREE KILOMETERS!!! Yes, I do hate running very badly. I don't mind it so much when I'm running away, but race or cross country-count me out. But we still had to do it and I got a MASSIVE stitch. We had to run from our school to the pool 9close to the school...but not close enough) FIVE TIMES. Oh, I hate it. But the main thing is...I actually did it. And I did it in twenty minutes. Not bad.
Sorry to moan and everything, but I had to let it out.

Oh, and also on Sunday we're playing netball against the other town so wish me luck!!!


LylaStar10 said...

I have really thick brown hair, so I know how you feel!
I'm really bad at cross country. When I was at school used to come at about 57th place all the time!

Good luck with the netball match!

Beanie said...

Netball is really fun! I'm going to be playing a netball match soon too! Good luck!

Kate said...

I've got curly brown hair too! I totally know what u mean!!!

combing is better in the mornings for going to school 'coz it defines the curls instead of frizzing them all together.

running = torture for me too. I'm already thinking of excuses to get out of sports day... :P

I know. I'm a wimp.