Saturday, May 9, 2009


Hey guys, remember in one of my posts I said you can send me your cringe-worthy moments, and I'll pick the best ones to post in my new feature, Blush-O-Rama. Well, I got so many embarrassing stories, so I had to pick two. Here they are.....

1. I was with my friend Tamsin in the supermarket, and we were quite little, about nine, I think.Anyway, we were messing about with the trolley, but we lost control of it and ran straight into a shelf full of toilet rolls! We knocked every single one off. And if that wasn't enough, after we put them back, we started to make a den out of them. Making a roof and walls and little seats. Guess what? The whole lot came down again! That was pretty cringey!

2. Two weeks after I got my new dog, Mimi, I took it to my best friends house. She also has a dog, named Holly. So anyway, we took our dogs to the lounge room and started reading mags, then somehow Holly and Mimi escaped without us noticing. After a while, we heard a lot of barking coming from the study. Running in, we found Mimi corned by Holly. Then when I looked closer, I saw that Mimi was so terrified, she left a... little present on the beautiful, white fluffy carpet. My besties mum was shocked, and she still looks at Mimi really stiffly.
Mega embarro.


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Dazzy said...

Well, you have to say, that is pretty blush worthy!