Friday, May 29, 2009

Six Things That Make Me Smile

Sorry I haven't been bloggin' in a while, I was SOOOO busy! But here I am now, and after realising that I've been tagged by a heap of people, I'll do this thingy. So, the rules are: (I've copied and pasted them)

If you are tagged write a post on your own blog about this saying six un/important things which make you happy. Then you need to link to the person who tagged you and tag six blogger people of your own. Then let them know that you've tagged them, perhaps by leaving a comment on their blog somewhere or by email. Simple. If you don't want to post on your own site, or don't have time, then just add a comment on to mine here. I won't mind if you don't link back to me, it's just a bit of fun, so don't worry about it if you don't carry it on!!!

So, 6 things that make me smile...hmm....mine's probably just gonna sound like everyone else's, but here it goes....
(in no particular order)

1. Friends+Family: I dunno what I'd do without them. Everyone knows how special it feels to be hugged by family and friends. Plus, they're fun and hilarious and can turn a frown on my face upside down!

2. Reading: I loooooooooove it!!! Doesn't matter what - a book, a magazine, a restaurant dinner menu, just as long as I can read it. Reading is amazing - you can really dive into the pool of stories and be emotionally moved.

3. Daydreaming: You can be anyone and anywhere. Fill your head with ideas, dreams and drama and make it as far from he truth as you want without spending a dollar.

4. Shopping: I guess this also includes makeup and fashion. It's fun looking for the perfect accessories/notebook/shoes/lip gloss. OR running into little shops and trying on dresses that are waaaaaay too expensive. After all, one day you'll be $rich$.

5. Seeing other people happy: It just really puts me in a good mood knowing someone else is enjoying themselves, laughing without a care in the world...

6. Bloggin': Yep, the world of bloggin' madness is somehow attaching itself to me, eating away at my homework time....

Well, that's it! I actually did it. I don't know WHO to tag, since pretty much EVERYONE has been tagged! Well, if I tag you and you've already done, don't stress.

So I tag:

1. Jessica at
2. Jewels Diva at
3. Nic at
4. Dazzy at
5. Sasha at
6. Beanie at

Awesome dude.


Nic said...

Thanks for the tag! Will do this asap!

Jewels Diva said...

Hey Cherry, how does one send you an award? you have no email. I'd like to send some pics your way.