Saturday, May 9, 2009

☺Random Things That Are Making Me Happy☺

Random things have been happening lately, things that make me smile.
I wore pink leg-warmers to dancing.
I have purchased and read 'Angel Cake' by Cathy Cassidy and fallen in love with it.
I have made Angel Cakes to share with my family.
Mum bought me a groovy new school bag with really cool pink-and-blue bamboo sticks on a black background.
I flew a kite with my little bro.
I bought mum some special stuff for Mothers Day.
Mum won a Shea Butter products set from The Body Shop (she said it's the first time she EVER won anything).
I bought myself a piano ring from Diva.
I got a phone call from an old friend.
I dreamt really nice dreams.
I sat on the comfy sofa and daydreamed.

What's something that's been making you smile?


Lauz said...

Something that has made me smile...

Getting fit!

I don't know what else...

Anna Banana said...

cool! angel cake rocks, i havn't read it yet cause my mum won't let me until i finnish my sose project.