Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Snacks And Netball are probably wandering how my netball match on Sunday went. It was SOOOOOOOO much fun!!! I was bench for the first quarter, but for the other three quarters I played Wing Attack, which is my absolute FAVOURITE position!!! No, we didn't win but who cares!!! Sorry, if you don't play netball this must sound very confusing to you, but netball is a VERY fun game. It keeps you active.
Every Thursday, all the under 13s netballers walk from school to the netball courts, stopping at the corner shop to buy chips. Then the training begins. Training is....well, it gets you tired. Unless of coarse on the way to training you also stop to by eight Sour Strips, which gives you enough sugar-energy.

Speaking of sugary snacks, yesterday I was bored so I decided to make up a new snack (I'm good at stuff like that-ask my friends). So anyway, you get chocolate Tiny Teddies (I'm not sure if any other country but Australia has them- they're tiny tiny tiny cookies in the shape of bears) and you sandwich them together with chocolate spread (Nutella) inside. Just remember that this is very sugary, sometimes food. These taste really nice with a glass of milk.

Also 'Angel Cake' by Cathy Cassidy has come out in bookshops in Australia!!!YAY!!!! It sounds REALLY good and I desperately want to read it!!! I have to wait 'till Friday to get it, because where I live you have to drive for an hour to get to a bookshop.

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